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American branch

The branch of the Law Firm in the United States, based on the experience in providing legal services to Poles in Iceland and Norway, started its activity in the United States. Its goal is to help in comprehensive solving of legal problems in Poland, without the need for Poles to leave the United States. The law firm mainly deals with family and inheritance matters. In the field of family law, she helps in conducting divorce cases, obtaining alimony, depriving or limiting parental authority and conducting the division of spouses' property. In the field of inheritance law, clients can count on comprehensive knowledge in the acquisition and rejection of inheritances in Poland, the preparation of wills, obtaining legitim and disinheritance. The law firm also supports Poles in the United States who want to purchase real estate in Poland and in the European Union in terms of transaction security, preparation of powers of attorney and the purchase of real estate on behalf of and for clients.

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United States Branch Office Director

Edyta Mika-Klimczak

phone: 0015613175547

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