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Icelandic branch

Law Firm in  Reykjavik  - as a branch of the Law Firm in Warsaw - it has been operating since 2018. Its purpose is to assist in the comprehensive resolution of legal problems in Poland, without the need for Poles to leave Iceland.  The law firm mainly deals with family and inheritance matters. In the field of family law, he helps in divorce cases, obtaining alimony benefits, depriving or limiting parental authority and carrying out a division of the spouses' property. In the field of inheritance law, clients can count on comprehensive knowledge in acquiring and rejecting inheritance in Poland, drawing up wills, obtaining reserved shares and disinheritance. The law firm also supports Poles in Iceland who want to purchase real estate in Poland and the European Union in terms of transaction security, preparation of powers of attorney and real estate acquisition on behalf of and for clients.

As of October 1, 2019, the Law Firm has also started cooperation with one of the best law firms in Iceland. Thanks to this solution, the Law Firm of attorney Antonowicz carries out or assists  in the implementation of matters governed exclusively by Icelandic law, such as the division of property located in Iceland, establishing contacts between parents and children, carrying out divorces, pursuing claims before Icelandic courts. In such a case, the clients' cases are resolved with the support of Icelandic lawyers, while the direct service of the Law Firm's clients, including ongoing legal support and information, will continue to be carried out in Polish without any changes. 

Director of the Icelandic branch

Kinga Kaczuba

phone: +354 616 1901

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