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Marek T. Antonowicz - Attorney-at-law | Antonowicz & Partners law firm
Marek T. Antonowicz - Attorney-at-law | Antonowicz & Partners law firm

atty. Marek T. Antonowicz

Attorney Marek T. Antonowicz manages a team of specialized lawyers. He has extensive, over 20 years of experience in providing legal services to entrepreneurs, individual clients and state administration bodies.

He was responsible for the preparations for the organization of the UEFA Euro 2012 final tournament in Poland. He is fluent in English. As a lawyer-linguist, he translates Directives and executive regulations commissioned by the European Commission.

Attorney Marek T. Antonowicz also supports the government institutions, including the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, and the Police Headquarters. He has personally prepared several dozen legal acts (laws and regulations) in the field of integration of foreigners, public safety and order, and personal data protection. He is a member of the Polish Legislative Society. He participated in the sessions of the Polish Parlament many times.

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Marek T. Antonowicz - Attorney-at-law

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legalization of a foreigner's stay

legalization of a foreigner's stay Poland

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Atty. Karolina Sochacka-Chotomska

Attorney at law with several years of experience in providing services to entrepreneurs and natural persons. She specializes in compensation issues, abusive clauses, due diligence of enterprises and real estate, and fiscal penalties. She deals with legal services for commercial companies, tax law, labor law and construction law on a daily basis. 

Karolina Sochacka-Chotomska Antonowicz&Partners Law Firm
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PhD Jerzy Matraszek 

Legal expert specializing in the field of renewable energy sources and new technologies. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology with a master's degree in Automatics and Robotics and Power Electronics, as well as a doctor of technical sciences from the Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics. He has comprehensive experience, e.g. as the head of the drive section in the SAM electric car project and the technical director at the East European Solution Centre. Its influence on the development of this field is confirmed by numerous scientific publications.


Atty. Lukasz Atkonis

Attorney at law with several years of professional experience. He provides legal assistance in the field of economic law, administrative proceedings and restructuring of enterprises. He also has extensive experience in real estate trading. 

Atty. Mateusz Lombardo

A graduate of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wrocław. Third year attorney trainee at the District Bar Council in Wrocław, former policeman dealing mainly with crimes against life and health. Currently, he is mainly interested in civil, criminal and sports law. Passionate about all kinds of sport, especially team games. There is a soccer referee.

Mateusz Lombardo Law Firm Antonowicz&Partners
Paulina Lasota Law Firm Antonowicz&Partners

Paulina Lasota

Leading fourth-year law student at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz. She is the chairperson of the science club "Academy of Writing", member of the Criminal Law Science Club of the University of Lodz. Mainly interested in criminal law and family law.

Director of the branch office in the United States

Edyta Mika-Klimczak

Edyta Mika-Klimczak Antnowicz&Partners Law Firm

apl. rp.

Kacper Czeremczuk

الأستاذة /حنان جورج عوض ميخائيل Law Firm Iceland I Antonowicz&Partnerzy

Hanan George Awad Mikhail

الأستاذة /حنان جورج عوض ميخائيل

Director of the branch office in Egypt

O nas


  • family law

  • civil law


- startups

- industrial security

- consortia and commercial agreements

- investment contracts

- concessions

  • divorces

  • maintenance

  • restriction of parental authority

  • depriving parental authority

  • contracts for the transfer of property rights

  • license agreements

  • IT contracts

  • trademarks

  • patents

  • KRS

  • resolutions of the Management Board

  • corporate service

  • by-laws of the management board and the supervisory board

  • startups

  • industrial security

  • consortia and trade agreements

  • investment contracts

  • concessions

  • wills

  • reserved parts

  • disinheritance

  • acquisition of inheritance

  • rejection of inheritance



  • permanent and temporary residence permits

  • blue cards

  • work permits

  • construction process

  • building permits

  • division of real estate

  • acquisitive prescription

  • property department

  • abolition of joint ownership




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over 20years 
of experience

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